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 Big Green Egg Houston

Best Pricing - All Sizes in Stock

Get a FREE 10lb bag of charcoal, firestarters and

FREE assembly of your Big Green Egg!



2XLARGE Egg has a 29" grid with a weight of 490 lbs.

XLARGE EGG has a 24" grid with a weight of 205 lbs.

LARGE EGG has a 18.25" grid with a weight of 140 lbs.

MEDIUM EGG has a 15" grid with a weight of 95 lbs.

SMALL EGG has a 13" grid with a weight of 65 lbs.

MINIMAX has 13" grid with a weight of 63 lbs.

MINI EGG has a 9.5" grid with a weight of 30 lbs.

Owner of Chim-Chimneys, Inc. cooking Pizza on a Large Big Green Egg and Chicken on a Medium Egg for the Deborah Duncan Show live audience on Great Day Houston.  What a GREAT way to show what the Big Green Eggs can do.  Fun was had by all!

The Big Green Egg is the most unique barbecue product on the market with more smoker and grill capabilities than all other conventional cookers combined.  The Big Green Egg can also be a part of your Outdoor Kitchen Design.

SMOKER:  The ceramic double-wall construction of the Big Green Egg makes it a superior smoker.  Precisely controlled smoking temperatures give succulent results with brisket, turkey, ham, lamb, chicken, ribs and all other barbecued type meats.

GRILL:  You can sear steaks, hamburgers, pork chops, fish and seafood, resulting in a flavor-packed crust unmatched by other grills.  High temperature grilling even at 750F is quick and easy!

BAKE:  The Big Green Egg bakes bread, biscuits, pizza, muffins, cookies, cakes and even pies better and quicker than your kitchen oven!  You'll get a "brick oven" flavor and crust.  You must try this to believe it! It's actually hard to burn foods and ruin a cookout in the Big Green Egg.  The Big Green EGG is very forgiving - good news for beginners.

The Big Green Egg in Action

Lump Charcoal was lit with fire starters and allowed to burn approx. 15 minutes.  A Plate Setter was added for in-direct heat with a V-rack to hold the Pork Butt. Temperature was set at 225 and the rest of the day was spent running errands, watching a football game and talking on the phone.

The Results 

Eight hours later the egg hatched a Tender and Moist Pork Butt BI.  First it was allowed to cool for about 30 minutes and then pulled for Outstanding Pulled Pork Sandwiches with a touch of Mayo, a dab of JB's Sticky Stuff BBQ Sauce (just another GREAT sauce carried at our Store), Sliced cabbage and Onions.  Oh, So Gooooood!!!!!

Features of the Big Green Egg:

Ready to cook in 15 minutes with no lighter fluid. - Ceramic walls retain heat with accurate temperature control and no hot spots. - There is no need to add more charcoal while cooking; un-burden charcoal is reused. - No constant tending required; with enclosed cooking there are no grease flare-ups. - The Big Green Egg withstands temperature extremes from below 0deg to 1800 deg. - Can be used year-round, even in freezing temperatures and rain. - Surface stays cooler than metal grills and is safer around children. - Weatherproof ceramics won't rust like metal. - Handsome, decorative and unique design.

Let Chim-Chimneys Custom build an EGG Island for you or choose a portable table with casters.

Check out our line-up of EGGcessories:  (IN STOCK)

Plate Setters - Baking Stones - Vertical Roasters for Turkey and Chickens - Cast Iron Cooking Grids all sizes - Half Moon Raised Grid - Porcelain Coated V-Racks - Two sided griddles - Specialty Grids - Grill Extender - Electric Fire Starter - Ash Tools - Grill Gripper - Ash Pan - Instant Read Digital Thermometer - EGGcelerator and more

Come on by and see for yourself what all the EGGcitement is about....................

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