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 Chimney Caps & Pipe Houston
Make sure to check out our complete selection of Chimney Caps for both Pre-Fabricated and Masonry Fireplaces.  If your looking for Venting Pipe, Storm Collars or Chase Tops we can help.  Give us a call at 281-316-9077 and talk to one of our Staff Members.

Masonry Chimney Cap

Masonry Chimney Caps are made for brick and mortar structures only with a terra cotta flue liner.  These caps are available in many sizes.  Measure the outside dimensions for a proper fit.  Custom Orders available.  If the chimney liner does not extended at least 2" above the top of the chimney you will need a set of flue grippers, this will allow you to install the cap on a flush top. 


This cap is made for both a Pre-fabricated and Masonry Fireplace. It is used for backpuffing problems.  Obstacles may deflect wind down the chimney overpowering the draft, But when wind hits the uniquely designed Cap it actually increases draft in proportion to the speed of the wind.  This is a custom ordered cap. Measure all venting pipes on a Pre-Fabricated or outside dimensions of a Masonry Fireplace.

Pre-Fabricated Chimney Cap

These Chimney Caps are available in either 8" - 9" or 10" round.  To measure this cap for a proper fit you must measure the interior size of your chimney pipe and the exterior.  Not all pipes are the same.  The size of the cap is based on the interior pipe measurement not the exterior!  Custom Caps are also available by special order.

Lock-Top Damper Cap

The Lock-Top Chimney Cap combines a Masonry Chimney Cap with an energy-savings built in damper system for Masonry Fireplaces with rusted and non-working damper assemblies.  It comes with 30' of cable that is dropped down the chimney and is operated with a handle mounted inside the firebox.  This unit has a chimney fire safety device that locks the damper open in case of a chimney fire.  Available in many sizes, measure the outside dimensions of your terra cotta chimney liner.

Chase Tops

Chase Top covers are applied to the top of a chimney structure and allow the venting pipe to pass through it.  These are applied only to Pre-Fabricated Fireplaces.  There is no such thing as a one size fits all, you will have to measure the outside dimensions of your chimney structure including the location of the venting pipe.  Come by the store and pick up a measurement guide and we can help you through the process.  In most cases we can have your Chase Top fabricated and ready to go in 24 hours.

Pre-Fabricated Chimney Pipe (Flue Pipe)

There are many manufactures of Pre-fabricated Fireplaces.  Most people believe that all chimney and venting pipes are the same in size.  This is not true!  You must measure both the interior and exterior size of your pipe.  In some cases you may have three pipe sizes, inner, outer and a middle section.  If this applies measure all three.  Also, try finding the manufactures make and model number either located in your owners manual or try looking inside the fireplace behind the hanging screens, look for a riveted tag on the metal.  Clean with a cotton ball and fingernail polish remover if painted over, try to make out the manufacture make and model number of your fireplace.  You can call 281-316-9077 and talk to one of our staff members or bring this information to the store and we will do what we can to match you up with the proper chimney pipe for your needs.

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